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Community description:a big bang challenge based on fanmixes

| Mixer Sign Ups | Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups | Intro/Rules/FAQ | Pimping Codes |

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Mixer Sign UpsAuthor Sign UpsArtist Sign UpsIntro/Rules/FAQby niewiadoma
Welcome to [community profile] bigbang_mixup
The [community profile] bigbang_mixup challenge is a bigbang challenge that closely resembles a reverse bang. It mixes up the order of the challenge—first, a fanmix is created. This fanmix tells the story. It will then be claimed by an author who will write a piece of fiction (that tells the story they read the fanmix to have), which an artist will then claim (this is pretty straightforward--the artist creates art based on the story).


o Mixer, Author, Artist Sign Ups Open: August 10, 2011

o Mixer Sign Ups Close: October 1, 2011

o Mix Rough Drafts Due: November 1, 2011

o Mix Claims Open: November 5, 2011

o Author Sign Ups Close: November 10, 2011

o Rough Drafts Due: January 10, 2012

o Artist Sign Ups Close: January 15, 2012

o Story Claims Open: January 20, 2012

o Final Stories/Art Due: March 25, 2012

o Posting Begins: April 1, 2012

Questions can be directed to or the Intro/Rules/FAQ page. Your mods are imaginary_rose@lj and [personal profile] postnotice. Feel free to pimp in your own journal (or, y'know, elsewhere)! The code for pimping can be found right here in case you were wondering. c8

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Legal Stuff
The RIAA dictates you're supposed to delete music you download from the Internet after 24 hours if you haven't purchased it. It's your discretion whether or not you delete it(or if you even make your mixes available for download (options of online playlists are available and totally cool with [community profile] bigbang_mixup)) and we won't take responsibility for it because we don't know what you do with the mix after downloading. Any user that uploads copyrighted files for download, and any user that keeps them for more than 24 hours without purchasing, is not under the responsibility of [community profile] bigbang_mixup. Users upload and download at their own discretion.

[community profile] bigbang_mixup

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